Kettlebell Meltdown Workout

I always enjoy a good kettlebell tear up. I use this as a staple go to routine if im looking for an all over workout. it pretty much takes in all of the major muscle groups and hits the heart and lungs pretty hard if you keep the rest periods to a minimal. And as a bonus (depending on how hard you are working) you can be done in 15 mins.

If you are looking for a more power/speed based session use a lighter kettlebell if you want to tap into some strength work go heavier and brake up the reps into say reps of 5.

make sure you take care of your nutrition post work out and get some protein and carbs into the tank as this volume of work/intensity can leave you pretty broken.

give it a shot and post some times………

two handed swings

halo left and right

figure 8 curl left and right

high pull left and right

snatches left and right

swings left and right

clean and press left and right

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