Barley Grass and alkalising athletes


i have been experimenting with using this product to help flush out my system after long runs, squash matches and gym sessions after i had read an article suggesting barley grass could help in alkalising athletes post training. i have noticed amongst other things that i seem much less achy,  recover quicker, my legs aren’t as heavy  and i seem to be generally more energetic which is a bonus.

Whilst these things are great from a performance point of view there seem to be other things going on including: my nails are growing quicker, my skin seems less tired and much clearer!! and i am sleeping very deeply.

i some times test my alkalinity and Ph with dip sticks after training  and before taking i was definitely 5.0-5.5 and now after taking it im pushing 6.0-6.5 even after runs above 12 miles where my system would normally be more acidic. i some times combine it with  and this seems to really help.


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