The reluctant training session

I don’t want to train today………..

my legs are tired from my squash match last night, which I lost! I’m still recovering from the 14  miles I ran on Sunday, the row I did on Monday made my hip tight ect ect ect ect the list goes onnnnnnnnnn. Truth is I don’t want to train quite often these days when I haven’t slept well because the baby was up, or because I was up at 5 am for the last 4 days again the list could go on. but it won’t because I know that I will train today and I will enjoy it when it’s over. and this is often the crucial area that makes me do it.

I will choose to place my focus on how I will feel after the session and as always I will feel better. the endorphins will flow. I will enjoy the struggle. I will make my body bend to the will of my mind or vice versa. I hear a lot of excuses about why people haven’t trained or done it this week, because of this or because of that reason. I had a friend who trained with me a couple of years back and we were doing hill sprints and after a couple of them he turned to me and asked through the tears and sweat “why the f**k are we doing this to ourselves” I replied “because the harder we push it now the better it will feel afterwards”.

I then asked him what he was thinking whilst he was sprinting up the hill and he said “how much it f*****g hurts!” and this is often the key difference to doing the session in the first place. If I focus on how much its hurting I don’t want to do it anymore, but if I can push my focus to a point beyond this, where I am experiencing the satisfaction of finishing and the rush this brings, then I actually want to complete what I’m doing for this reason.

Another good friend of mine, who I used to train with a lot, would punish himself in the sessions we would put together to unimaginable levels to get the job done. He had a saying when he needed to get switched on that he would use to get him focused ‘I’m going dark side’ and he would then smash whatever it was we had planned to do! Where this dark side was I’m not sure. But it worked for him. And so, although I’m not feeling particularly up for it, it’s getting done one way or another because my focus is beyond the dark side and into the light on the other side.

4 x 800m run 200m recovery between sets

Two rounds of

20 Burpees

20 Kettlebell clean & presses each arm

20 Kettlebell swings

20 Split Lunges

20 Wood Choppers

500 m Row

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