Functional core training for racket sports players

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Core stabilization is an essential component of any athlete’s total fitness, but it may be particularly important for squash players. Squash is not a one-dimensional game; players are constantly shifting their bodies from side to side or rotating their torso when striking the ball, lunging, twisting, turning ect.

Core strengthening and stabilization training helps to increase functional strength and dynamic balance, thereby promoting a more consistent shot production during performance and helping to prevent injury.

Core muscle activation has been documented during performance of specific squash shots, such as the forehand/backhand drives and volleys whilst a full stretch and lunging forwards at full extension during shots. There is essentially a lot going on around multiple joints at any one time.

THE CORE INCLUDES the lumbopelvic-hip joint complex and its surrounding musculature, which function synergistically to produce force, reduce force, andprovide dynamic stabilization throughout the kinetic chain during shot production.

abdominal muscle: Illustration of the anatomy of the male human body isolated on a white background

The quality of these actions during functional movements such as experienced during lunging, moving, twisting, turning and rotating requires optimal neuromuscular efficiency and control normally acquired through a core strength and conditioning program.

Keep your core strong and your hips loose.

Keeping this area strong and more importantly balanced facilitates maintenance of optimal mechanics in the lumbopelvic-hip complex during functional kinetic chain movements, optimal neuromuscular efficiency throughout the entire kinetic chain, optimal acceleration and deceleration, dynamic stabilization of entire kinetic chain during functional movements, and proximal stability for efficient lower extremity movements.

The purpose of this article is to share some dynamic and controlled core stabilization programs that can be appied to squash. see youtube videos below:

Alternatively a brilliant book that I purchased has some excellent routines and exercises in that provides comprehensive functional movement training programs. This can be view here

New Functional Training for Sports

See recovery nutrition for additional  info on post squash nutritional strategies

and See how the Pros do it with this squash fitness tracker.

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