Buy Waterproof Swimming MP3 Player the i360

My Review of i360 Waterproof Underwater Swimming MP3 Player –  enjoy music whilst swimming training in the water

I had often wondered if it would be possible to listen to music whilst swimming in the pool- which lead me to search for a waterproof mp3 player or headphone set that would do the job.

Sony, Apple ect all offer various types with different specifications but I settled on an offer I found on Amazon- the i360 Waterproof Underwater Swimming/Running SportMP3 Player.



I am a runner first and foremost and have only just started swimming and I have to say these really help to break up the monotony of being in the pool. Now I’m training harder as I do when I’m running because I have something to listen to and it just gives me the extra push I have needed.

The head phones came well packaged and look the part, you get the impression that this isn’t  cheaply manufactured and you have paid a little extra for a quality product.

The headphones are well built and feel secure on the head once fitted, which is important for me when I am in the water if they move around it disrupts my rhythm.

They are simple to operate and I had no issues changing tracks whilst they were on my head.

Adding music was pretty simple with the supplied usb adapter simply clipping onto your headphones then you just plug it into your computer. The storage available (4gb) is enough for what I am using these for I am not looking for massive  capacity as I am only using these in the pool.

Battery life was perfect for these as again I am not in the pool for longer than an hour and the charging was fine.

Sound quality is impressive considering your fighting against the noise of moving through water and the occasional screaming child!.

Use in water up to 3m.

Wireless headphones mean you don’t have any loose cables hanging around to slow you down or get tangled up.

  You can view the product here


swimming-headphonePerfect MP3 Player for water based workouts

Let the music you love power you through lap after lap with the MP3 Player you will get continuous playback up to 10 hours
• 4GB built in memory for your music playlist that holds up to 1200 songs
• IPX8 Waterproof to a depth of up to 3 metres Earphones with Built in MP3 Player
• Perfect addition to your workout! Listen to your music wirelessly. With the MP3 player you can do all the activities you love with out the cord getting in your way!
• Convenient control for play/pause, skip tracks forward/backwards, shuffle and volume on one side of the ear bud Easy to Use
• Includes 6 pairs of soft noise isolating tips in different sizes for custom fit
• Transfer your music via the high speed USB 2.0 clip cable, which is 100% waterproof

• Headset with built-in 4GB MP3 Player
• Ergonomically designed specifically for sports and wearing comfort
• Perfect sound quality with high-fidelity stereo sound
• Supports MP3 and WMA music files
• High speed USB 2.0 transfer speed
• Can be used in a Sauna or Steam Room
• Complete with two sets or earbuds

Waterproof: Large and small

USB Interface: USB 2.0 (High Speed)

Battery: Lithium Battery

Memory: 4GB

Music Format: MP3, WMA

File Format: FAT16, FAT32

MP3 Bit Rate: 8Kbps~320Kbps

WMA Bit Rate: 32Kbps~192Kbps

Earphone Output Power: 5mW+5mW

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

To view the product click here

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Buy and Build a home fitness Gym for under £200

I was talking with a client over the weekend after a training session and we got onto the topic of what equipment we could use at home to support his training and what would be the cheapest option if he was to give up his gym membership.

The kit has to fit in a small office space leaving room for a desk, chair and printer (its pretty much 3m x 3m).

So quickly looking at the best, not the absolute chespest, but the best budget options we could find on Amazon- we came up with the following list that we would be happy to purchase and use. And surprisingly it comes to under £200.

It will not cater to everyone, but as a runner and occasional Crossfit trainer we could come up with loads of different varied routines and cover pretty much all bases apart from heavy strength training.


Treadmill link                       £99.99


Suspension Trainer               £22.99




Turbo trainer                          £39.99


KettleBell 10 Kg                    £18.99


Core ball                                  £13.97



And the real trick is that we can also get tailored workouts to suit most of our training goals when he is training on his own by hooking up to youtube and using routines from sites like fitness blender,


and for using the bike and turbo trainer.


For pretty much everything else especially the suspension trainer and combination routines using most of the equipment Functional Pattens is really good.


So the end product is that we have a reasonable gym to supplement our training requirements for under £200.

The Benefit of using 3 different Types of Lunge in squash training



We use it alot the lunge in squash but it is an exercise that can be varied to suit different phases of training and different dynamics during play.

The image above shows an extreme version of the lunge and demonstrates the importance of stength, stability and flexibility in the thighs and hips of the lower body whilst stiking the ball with the upper body.

We use the lunge in varying degrees when training but there are a few variations that will benefit us in slightly different ways. By varying the exercise we can get a little more out of the movement and bring into play these elements so that we can use them directly in match play.


1. Alternating Jump Lunge

This is an exercise used to increase power output and improve your ability to move into and out of the shot dynamically. It recruits the larger type 2 muscle fibres that are responsible for producing force quickly.


Start in a split stance position with your hands on your hips, your torso upright, and your knees about bent at a 90-degree angle.
Push your chest out and lower your rear knee toward the ground in a lunge while keeping your front shin as vertical as possible.
Push explosively off the ground, jumping and switching the position of your legs while in mid-air, landing into the lunge position with the opposite leg forward. Repeat, switching legs on each jump

Perform reps of 20 with 2-4 sets adding  weight if required.

2. Alternating Lunge with twist.

This variation works the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles as in the basic forward lunge, the real benefits are seen in the utilisation of additional  core and trunk rotator muscles. The twisting action strengthens your obliques, latissimus dorsi and erector spinae.

The exercise will also give stability and balance in the phase where you should be stable just prior to striking the ball. But also allowing for a more stable rotation of the trunk when hitting through the ball.


Perform reps of 20 with 2-4 sets

Holding a medicine ball or dumbbell/kettlebell in your hands, elbows by your sides, take one large step forward into a lunge position.

Watch that your knee is at a 90 degree angle and the weight of your body is toward your front knee.

Hold the lunge position, contract your abs and rotate your torso to the same side as your front leg.

Your arms and medicine ball should turn with your torso until they are in line with your side.

Rotate back to the centre as you stand up and bring your arms back in front of you. Then repeat the action on the other leg.

Perform reps of 20 with 2-4 set.

3. Static Held Lunge

The static lunge gets its name because the feet remain static, or in the same position, throughout the exercise.You will also be holding this movement for 10 seconds at 90 degrees before swapping legs.

The benefit of this exercise is that it teaches you to recruit stabiliser muscles that you will hopefully be firing when you are down into the low position and also teaching you to be stable, still and strong before you strike the ball with out any additional movement.

Begin by standing in a split-stance with your right foot forward and your left foot back. Engage your abdominal muscles, straighten your back and look straight ahead.

Maintain this position as you bend your legs to lower your hips toward the floor drop to 90 degrees. Continue down until your left knee nears the floor then hold this position for 10 seconds without moving.

You will then press through your right heel to return to the starting position then repeat the exercise with your left leg forward holding for 10 seconds.

Perform Reps of 10 seconds each leg do 5 sets adding weight if required.

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