Buy and Build a home fitness Gym for under £200

I was talking with a client over the weekend after a training session and we got onto the topic of what equipment we could use at home to support his training and what would be the cheapest option if he was to give up his gym membership.

The kit has to fit in a small office space leaving room for a desk, chair and printer (its pretty much 3m x 3m).

So quickly looking at the best, not the absolute chespest, but the best budget options we could find on Amazon- we came up with the following list that we would be happy to purchase and use. And surprisingly it comes to under £200.

It will not cater to everyone, but as a runner and occasional Crossfit trainer we could come up with loads of different varied routines and cover pretty much all bases apart from heavy strength training.


Treadmill link                       £99.99


Suspension Trainer               £22.99




Turbo trainer                          £39.99


KettleBell 10 Kg                    £18.99


Core ball                                  £13.97



And the real trick is that we can also get tailored workouts to suit most of our training goals when he is training on his own by hooking up to youtube and using routines from sites like fitness blender,


and for using the bike and turbo trainer.


For pretty much everything else especially the suspension trainer and combination routines using most of the equipment Functional Pattens is really good.


So the end product is that we have a reasonable gym to supplement our training requirements for under £200.

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