Blogging Guru Internet Marketing Course review


Blogging Guru Is A Brand New Internet Marketing Course That Teaches you How To Start Making Money Online Through Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

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You have probably already seen 100s of these courses pushed out on how to follow this step by step process and start generating cash, I know they get boring, they never deliver ectect.

But what Patric Chan has done with this course is pretty simple, he has simplified the process of turning your blogging, social media posts and the like, into a pretty solid platform that gives you the short cut into doing this thing properly first time round.

Essentially he has cut out the middle-man, removed the trial and error, saved us time and tidied up the mess that we are all guilty of getting stuck in at the beginning. Google sniper did it in a big way and few years back but things have change since then and the market has got wise to the simple copy and paste methods that would of delivered in the past. Google has sharpened up its act too, so its not as easy to hijack rankings and arrive on the sacred ground of the first page!

This course didn’t revolutionize what i was already doing it just sharpened the process, smoothed out the edges and pushed me to focus on the areas that delivered. It took me a year to really get rolling with the blogging and affiliate marketing and i think this course would have probably got me there in 2-3 weeks ultimately saving me many wasted hours chasing shadows and paying money for crappy ads and fake traffic.


Contained within Blogging Guru are the insider tricks and trades of a seasoned veteran, Patric Chan is well known in the Internet marketing community as someone who delivers results, he is the best-selling author of-

Wake-Up Millionaire
Simple Success Principles

The majority of his products are well-written and proven to produce solid results. I have found that having a system that i could dip in and out of was easier to reference what i needed to immediately rather than looking on youtube and sifting through Google and the endless people selling me this and promising to make me $1000 per day.

You need a solid blueprint, a platform with the information and the map to get you there quickly, essentially that is what you are getting for your $47.

I have found that Blogging for me is now all about creating quality content and generating traffic. Seo is a good way to generate traffic. If you write quality content, you will attract visitors from search engines.

Writing consistently and having a marketing tactic is a great way to build a blog that will generate a lot of traffic and sales. Writing content isn’t that hard, you just need to be original and creative as Google loves original and quality content and follow the Blogging Guru’s pre-laid path.

What is it then? And what are we getting for our $47?

Step-by-step video training for more than 10 hours teaching you everything you need to know about building a profitable blogging business.

In all honesty if you place Blogging Guru, in the right hands and given you follow the right processes, it is pretty much guaranteed to generate results, your skill and content placement will dictate what you sell but this will demonstrate a proven method. In a nut shell its pretty hard to mess this up once you start.

  • Core modules and over 100 step-by-step video tutorials to help you set up a blog and make money.
  • how to launch your profitable blog and optimize it.
  • strategies to monetize your site and make money.
  • how to generate free traffic to your blog.
  • free bonuses material

Here are the 3 core modules:

1) Launching Your Blog, this module contains 13 step-by-step video tutorials that will teach you how to buy a domain and set up WordPress to build a blog. There are 7 training sections to download.

2) Blog Monetization methods, which will teach you monetization strategies like Google Adsense, affiliate promotions such as Amazon and Clickbank. This module contains 48 step-by-step video tutorials. You will also get tips on list building and product creating.

3) Traffic Blogging, which contains 75 step-by-step videos. This module will get you tips on how to get traffic for your blog with SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, viral marketing,etc.

4) Bonus material :
a) The Blogging Guru App, which is a plugin that will help you maintain your blog and start making money.
b) The Blogging Guru Locker App.
c) The Commission Miner Course.
d) Mini-Course 2.0, which will teach you how to give away free mini-course from your blog to make money for only 18.50$.
e) The ” Fb Traffic Ricochet ” a report, which will teach you to get traffic from Facebook for only 17.70$.

The image to the right is taken from a recent Facebook campaign i delivered using methods from this course i made $21 from each sale of this product, some traffic was paid for alot of this was organic and 684 click throughs to the post is ok.img_2202

The content was good the review was honest, i had read and used the product and taken value from it and i took home money from the sales. I wont retire on it but it was a chunk of revenue that i wouldnt of made using my old style of writing and this is the kind of return you can expect following this course good luck.


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