Make £1000 per month by Creating your own eCommerce Business using Amazon & Shopify


Sells Like Hot Cakes- could this be the answer to finding and selling more products?

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Sells Like Hot Cakes is simply an all in one platform that allows you to use Amazon and Shopify systems to generate sales from a host of products that are located and sourced for you all in one place.

An Overviewhotcakes

So what will this system do for you?  This system is about helping you to make money with Amazon and Shopify. Amazon is huge and many people are already making a lot of money from selling on Amazon, its trusted by almost everybody who purchases through them and now Shopify has started to make its name synonymous with the whole e-commerce business in the last few years building a solid reputation for itself.

Consequently we are now seeing Many big names linked to and using Shopify including many celebrities, strengthening the brand.

Essentially then sellslikehotcakes is linking your niche sales area to the most relevant products available to you, best sellers ect, and pushing those through to you to advertise and sell.

What Do You Get?


Essentially what you are getting is access to a number of laser targeted tools that help you with e-commerce and the relevant step by step training to quickly establish and build the business, make sales and generate profits. They are removing the guess work in finding products that rank highly and are already selling well, and putting them straight in front of you.

You can then build content, establish reviews, fill e-shop windows with these products safe in the knowledge that they are already making money, you can just jump on board and take a slice of the pie thats already being eaten!

From an educational stand point they are also showing you how to get the products out there and seen by potential buyers.

We can now have a look at the actual tools on offer.

Amazon Toolsamazon

There are a number of tools they offer to help you make money with Amazon e-commerce. These will basically make your life with e-commerce easier and help you do things a lot quicker. The tools are as follows:

  • Best Seller Finder
  • My Tracked Products
  • Supplier Finder
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Niche Finder

Shopify Toolsshopify

These are here to help you with things like finding good products to sell, simply streamlining the process and saving you time:

  • Aliexpress Finder
  • Competitor Spy
  • Most Passionate Niches


Will this product help you? Simply put yes it will and it will do this mainly from my point of view in 2 ways.

  1. it will remove the guess work out of finding and locating stuff that is already selling well, ranking highly and is reviewed heavily. This gives the potential buyer confidence in the purchase and will normally help to solidify the potential to make the final sale or transaction. You can read reviews all day long and if they say dont buy this product then you will most likely avoid it, or do the opposite and purchase if you read a favouable review. It can save you massive amounts of time as you can just pick the statistical winners over and over again.
  2. and just as importantly they provide the educational material that takes you step by step through the process that gets the products out there to be seen and purchased.

Now will it do all of the work for you- no it wont, you still have to have some market knowledge on what you are selling, but that is really a given in any area. Will it make the process quicker and more economical 100% yes it will.

And the real kicker is that you can try it for free.

Try if FREE for 3 days! We will NOT BILL you today!

If you love it and see that it’s going to make you money (for 89% of the trial testers it does this for them in the first month of opening their first e-commerce store) then stay with an easy 39.00 USD a month membership. You can cancel any time before 72 hours and leave without paying a dime. We are so confident in the sheer value of our offer that we’ll give you our stuff first and let you see the money making potential before asking for a tiny share later!

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Training with a squash app

I have been using two squash training Apps for a while now one the squash ghost and the other squash fit which allow me to train and undertake ghosting sessions at various speeds controlling the metrics like:


moves per set,

rest between sets,

and frequency of moves.


On its own this is a great way for me to condition myself for matches and work on my court specific fitness.


But after watching a recent match on squashtv with Greg Gaultier I looked at his speed of movement, time between shots ect and wondered if i could obtain any information on professional squash match metrics and play a game using the Apps at a speed similar to this and experience what a single game would feel like from a fitness point of view.


Turns out there is, although its a little dated now i thought it would still be fun to try it.


img_2249So the metrics i entered are in the image to the left, I tried it, it wasn’t very nice it did give me an insight into how fit and quick the professions are to be able to sustain this kind of work rate for 5 games is very impressive.


From a fitness perspective it would be a solid test to see how you would cope physically with this type of workload, admittedly from a shot selection or technical point of view it wont really do anything worthwhile but as a fitness session its a great test.

You can view squash fit in more detail here squashfit


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And do you wonder what you should be eating before and after a tennis match?

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