Training with a squash app

I have been using two squash training Apps for a while now one the squash ghost and the other squash fit which allow me to train and undertake ghosting sessions at various speeds controlling the metrics like:


moves per set,

rest between sets,

and frequency of moves.


On its own this is a great way for me to condition myself for matches and work on my court specific fitness.


But after watching a recent match on squashtv with Greg Gaultier I looked at his speed of movement, time between shots ect and wondered if i could obtain any information on professional squash match metrics and play a game using the Apps at a speed similar to this and experience what a single game would feel like from a fitness point of view.


Turns out there is, although its a little dated now i thought it would still be fun to try it.


img_2249So the metrics i entered are in the image to the left, I tried it, it wasn’t very nice it did give me an insight into how fit and quick the professions are to be able to sustain this kind of work rate for 5 games is very impressive.


From a fitness perspective it would be a solid test to see how you would cope physically with this type of workload, admittedly from a shot selection or technical point of view it wont really do anything worthwhile but as a fitness session its a great test.

You can view squash fit in more detail here squashfit


You may also be interested in a preseason strength and conditioning routine found here

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