How to reduce body fat quickly and naturally–the training program and diet plan I use to do it



This is what a pound of body fat looks like

If you‟re looking for the best way to reduce body fat levels quickly and safely, then I‟m glad you’ve found this post and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

Because this is my free body fat reduction program that I have successfully used with 100s of clients over the years to easily reduce body fat percentage quickly, naturally and without losing muscle. It has worked for both men and women whether it is for an upcoming event or simply to reduce the excess belly fat that has accumulated over the years.

Firstly let’s get the numbers out of the way. 3500 kcal of stored energy reside in 1lbs of body fat. End of story. None negotiable.

Squashed into the pound of belly fat that you grasp in your hand is enough stored energy to move you through a full marathon and probably a little further. This is a problem. If you have ever tried to realistically expend 3500 Kcal you will know that its an insurmountable effort in itself. I would go as far as to say for most ‘average’ people trying to expend this volume of energy it won’t happen in 1, 2, 3, or even 4 attempts.


Say we take playing squash for an hour and remove 640 kcal we aren’t even a quarter of the way there. 3500/640 = 5.4 that’s 5 1/2 hours of squash to remove 3500kcal of energy. That’s some going by any standards. Its a similar story with most forms of exercise. They don’t really remove enough stored energy to tap into the fat reserves to demonstrate meaningful change over time.

A stone of stored body fat equates to 3500 Kcal x 14lbs = 49000 kcal or 76 hours of squash. Game over for most of us trying to lose the stone around the middle.

Moving on its own will not get you lean.

We are too efficient at moving to really chip away the fat stores and we will normally just burn out before the job is done. So this is where the correct diet comes into play. Remove enough Calories from your weekly intake to cause a deficit but not a system/hormonal shut down and we can start to cut the 3500kcal down much more efficiently.

Remove 250 kcal from your diet each day for a week and we drop 1750 kcal from the 3500 stored in 1 lb of body fat (giving us only half of the total to cut away) add this to 3 hours of squash or whatever you are doing exercise wise and we get an additional 1920kcal + 1750kcal giving 3670 kcal or just over a pound of body fat. Four weeks just over 4lbs. More realistic and sustainable.

To increase the effect of this process we can add the correct supplementation to further enhance the diet/exercise effect and start to really move things in the right direction…..The Myprotein fat burning stack will help provide support whilst you reduce body fat levels quickly and safely. The additional extras in the weight loss bundle will act as the icing on the cake keeping your body primed to tap into those excess fat stores giving you key ingredients to assist your diet plan.

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Using quality products specifically formulated for the purpose of increasing fat loss will assist with the process but they will not do the job on their own, the exercise and diet program combined together will yield the best results.

The Zone diet plan is by far one of the most effective plans I have implemented with my clients. There is a free link below. Print and use the information contained in the link it will work to create a healthy calorie defecit.

As for the exercise part I have used a template very similar to the one out lined below

Session week overview

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat sun
Long conditioning Short Met- con Weights 1 and short interval Rest or light cardio Weights 2 and short interval  Light cardio  off
30-45 mins 15-40 mins Chest, back & calves 20-40 mins Arms, shoulders, quads & hamstrings  30-45 mins
Bike interval Bike


Training Session Plans

The days of the week won’t matter just try to follow the outline so that all sessions are completed during a 7 day cycle. If you feel tired and fatigued default to a light or rest day.

Long cardio

Effort should be conversational @ approx. 70 %. Every 10 min into the session you should aim to push hard for 30-60 seconds and then recover and repeat at the next 10 min interval.

Short met-con

Warm up and then perform the following-

300m row

10 burpees

10 press ups

10 crunches

10 squats

10 boosters

10 kettlebell swings

Repeat for 3-5 rounds

Weights 1 and short interval (Chest, back & calves)

Incline dumbbell flys

Chest press

Decline dumbbell press

Standing calf raises

Dumbbell pull overs

Cable row

Pull downs

Swiss ball crunches

60 second plank

3 sets per exercise no more than 12 reps

Bike interval is 5-8 mins long with 30 seconds hard 30 seconds easy.


Rest or light cardio

Self-explanatory do one or the other.

Long conditioning

7 rounds for time of

10 Renegade Man makers

20 Dumb Bell deadlifts

30 Single Dumb Bell snatches ( 15 per side)

40 Single overhead lunges ( 20 per side)

50 Dumb Bell swings

Weights 2 and short interval (Arms, shoulders, quads & hamstrings)

Seated dumbbell curls

Bicep curl machine

Tricep rope push downs

Bench dips

Kettlebell squats

Kettlebell lunges

Lateral raises

Seated dumbbell press

Swiss ball crunches with twists

3 sets per exercise no more than 12 reps

60 second plank

Bike interval is 5-8 mins long with 30 seconds hard 30 seconds easy.

Following this routine for 4 weeks then changing the sessions around, mixing the exercises up ect will keep your body guessing and allow progress to continue. Further reducing calories providing you are not feeling too tired or fatigued will keep the process going until you reach your weight/fat loss target.

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