Buy Waterproof Swimming MP3 Player the i360

My Review of i360 Waterproof Underwater Swimming MP3 Player –  enjoy music whilst swimming training in the water

I had often wondered if it would be possible to listen to music whilst swimming in the pool- which lead me to search for a waterproof mp3 player or headphone set that would do the job.

Sony, Apple ect all offer various types with different specifications but I settled on an offer I found on Amazon- the i360 Waterproof Underwater Swimming/Running SportMP3 Player.



I am a runner first and foremost and have only just started swimming and I have to say these really help to break up the monotony of being in the pool. Now I’m training harder as I do when I’m running because I have something to listen to and it just gives me the extra push I have needed.

The head phones came well packaged and look the part, you get the impression that this isn’t  cheaply manufactured and you have paid a little extra for a quality product.

The headphones are well built and feel secure on the head once fitted, which is important for me when I am in the water if they move around it disrupts my rhythm.

They are simple to operate and I had no issues changing tracks whilst they were on my head.

Adding music was pretty simple with the supplied usb adapter simply clipping onto your headphones then you just plug it into your computer. The storage available (4gb) is enough for what I am using these for I am not looking for massive  capacity as I am only using these in the pool.

Battery life was perfect for these as again I am not in the pool for longer than an hour and the charging was fine.

Sound quality is impressive considering your fighting against the noise of moving through water and the occasional screaming child!.

Use in water up to 3m.

Wireless headphones mean you don’t have any loose cables hanging around to slow you down or get tangled up.

  You can view the product here


swimming-headphonePerfect MP3 Player for water based workouts

Let the music you love power you through lap after lap with the MP3 Player you will get continuous playback up to 10 hours
• 4GB built in memory for your music playlist that holds up to 1200 songs
• IPX8 Waterproof to a depth of up to 3 metres Earphones with Built in MP3 Player
• Perfect addition to your workout! Listen to your music wirelessly. With the MP3 player you can do all the activities you love with out the cord getting in your way!
• Convenient control for play/pause, skip tracks forward/backwards, shuffle and volume on one side of the ear bud Easy to Use
• Includes 6 pairs of soft noise isolating tips in different sizes for custom fit
• Transfer your music via the high speed USB 2.0 clip cable, which is 100% waterproof

• Headset with built-in 4GB MP3 Player
• Ergonomically designed specifically for sports and wearing comfort
• Perfect sound quality with high-fidelity stereo sound
• Supports MP3 and WMA music files
• High speed USB 2.0 transfer speed
• Can be used in a Sauna or Steam Room
• Complete with two sets or earbuds

Waterproof: Large and small

USB Interface: USB 2.0 (High Speed)

Battery: Lithium Battery

Memory: 4GB

Music Format: MP3, WMA

File Format: FAT16, FAT32

MP3 Bit Rate: 8Kbps~320Kbps

WMA Bit Rate: 32Kbps~192Kbps

Earphone Output Power: 5mW+5mW

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

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