3 Squash Fitness training drills to improve your on court movement, muscular endurance, power & agility.

As we know squash requires a blend of physical capabilities that span across a spectrum of fitness attributes. Local muscle strength, power and endurance are all required whilst moving around the court at speed, acceleration and deceleration forces are acting all the time coupled with dynamic and at times isometric stength required when stiking the ball in a lunge position. Rotating at the trunk, holding steady in the lunge, then pushing dynamically off in another direction takes a coordinated and balanced approach to training because the requirements to develop each aspect of the physical model presented in the game are very different.

Power = the ability or capacity to move or travel with great speed or force.

Endurance = the ability to repeat a series of muscle contractions without fatiguing. Muscle endurance is different from cardiovascular endurance because it involves the muscle fatiguing rather than a limitation in the amount of oxygen being supplied or utilized by the muscles.

Acceleration = change in speed / time taken.

Deceleration = ability to decrease velocity developed from acceleration.

Isometric strength = an isometric contraction creates no change in the length of the muscle.

Dynamic strength = generally,strengthdisplayedduringmovement;quantitativelyexpressed in terms of limb or trunktorque at a specifiedangularvelocity,almostalwaysduringconcentricmuscleaction.

See my point?

Each element is presented here in the clip with the exception of endurance because it only lasts a minute!

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Drill 1.

A horrible gut ripper the 120 drill, the 120 involves not suprisingly 120 movements done continuously and timed with perfect movement into each shot and full swing with follow through…you could add a weighted vest to make it more enjoyable

front f/h 10 times

Front b/h 10 times

f/h front to b/h front-b/h front to f/h front (called doubles) 20 times;

f/h front to f/h back 20 times

b/h front to b/h rear 20 times

 f/h front lobbing to b/h mid court boast 20 times

b/h front lob to f/h mid court boast 20 times

Completed in under 5mins; take 1min rest repeat do this 1, 2 or 3 times. The movement to the front corners is 3 steps forward and 2 steps return to the T;


Drill 2

3 Squash Fitness drills to improve your on court movement, muscular endurance, power & agility.

Any of the following or combination will promote speed, agility and quickness 3 x 10 reps of one or more of the drill pattens, place the cones on the court and follow the pattens at speed focusing and slowing down and turning powerfully.

Drill 3 the circuit complete 1, 2 or 3

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